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Project Teams and Research Group Members

I have been fortunate to work with many extraordinary individuals on satellite missions, technology development projects and science investigations. This is by no means an exhaustive list, as this webpage would be very long, but lists a few major project teams and recent postdoc, grad and undergrad students.

The background is a video of a solar flare extreme ultraviolet emission from NASA SDO AIA highly processed by Prof. Miloslav Druckmüller (

  • MinXSS%20CubeSat%20Logo%20Orbit%201000_e


    MinXSS-1, MinXSS-2, and DAXSS Team has worked to create CubeSats to measure the Solar soft X-ray spectra.

  • SSAXI_Logo_Yellow.png
    SSAXI SmallSat


    SSAXI is an astrophysics and solar physics mission under development to measure the quiescent soft X-ray flux and tiny transients. 

  • SEEJ_Logo_20190802.png
    SEEJ SmallSat


    SEEJ is a proposed astrophysics mission to measure the atmosphereic properties of hot Jupiters and the variability of their host stars using soft X-ray spectral transits.

  • XRT_logo.jpg
    Hinode X-ray Telescope


    Hinode XRT is a soft X-ray imaging telescope that is a consortium between SAO, JAXA, NASA MSFC, MSU, and more.

  • CSuarez_Photo.JPG
    Crisel Suarez

    Graduate Student

    2018 - Present

    Latino Initiative Program

    Research Interest: Solar flares, X-rays and discovering new phenomena

    Research Project: Solar Flare Plasma Transport Inferred from Elemental Abundance Changes using soft X-ray Spectra

    Current Institution: Vanderbilt University

    Websites: LinkedIn

  • Carleano_Libretto_Photo.jpg
    Carleano Libretto

    Research Interest: Macroeconomic theory, data science, personality psychology

    Research Project: Analysis of the Distribution of Flare Loop Emission using Multiple Channels of SDO/AIA Observation (Final Presentation Video)

    Current Institution: University of Massachusetts-Amherst

    Websites: LinkedIn

  • R_FitzGerald2019.jpg
    Rebecca FitzGerald

    Research Interest: My goal is to pursue a PhD in a field related to astronomical imaging (possibly optics).

    Research Project: Calibrate CMOS detectors for scientific measurements.

    Current Institution: Rochester Institute of Technology

    Websites: LinkedIn

  • Carson Geottlicher

    CfA-SAO Solar REU

    2019 - Present

    Research Interest: Black Hole Theory and General Relativity

    Research Project: Solar Flare Soft X-Ray Time Series Spectrum Reconstruction 

    synthesize missing soft X-ray data in order to better understand the

    interaction of Earth's atmosphere with soft X-rays emitted from solar flares.

    Current Institution: Towson University

    Websites: LinkedIn

  • Sierra Garza

    Research Interest: solar physics, Stellar dynamics, Magnetohydrodynamics, High energy astrophysics and cosmology, Dark matter

    Research Project: Analyze the relationship between photospheric magnetic field and soft x-ray flux in the corona.

    Current Institution: University of California Santa Barbara


  • CCarter_Photo.jpg
    Christian Carter

    Undergraduate Researcher

    CU Boulder (CASA and LASP)

    2015 - 2017

    Research Interest Material science and materials engineering. 

    Research Project: Enhance and upgrade test equipment that is designed to characterize the performance of space flight optics.

    Current Institution: Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP)

    Websites: LinkedIn

  • Photo_Nicholas Renninger.jpg
    Nicholas Renninger

    Undergraduate Researcher

    CU Boulder (LASP)

    2016 - 2017

    Research Interest Systems and software engineering for autonomous systems 

    Research Project: Created software to control photodiode detectors for autonomous VUV mirror reflectance measurements in vacuum chambers.

    Current Institution: University of Colorado Boulder Masters Student


  • Eliot Kersgaard

    Undergraduate Researcher

    CU Boulder (CASA)

    2013 - 2015

    Research Interest Myra Makes

    Research Project: Measurement of thin film UV optical constants.

    Current Institution: Myra Makes

    Websites: LinkedIn,, MyraMakes

  • Caroline Leaman

    Research Interes

    Research Project: Understanding the energetics of solar flares in the soft X-rays

    Current Institution: Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP)


Astrophysicist, Technologist Educator, Entrepreneur

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